Investor Zone


Mermaid Capital acts as a Project Manager and provides comprehensive support for the investment process, consistently implementing the project implementation plan agreed with the Investors. The satisfaction of our Investors and good mutual relations are one of our priorities, which is why we always care about the flow of information and regular reporting on the status of projects.

Over the years, they have trusted us:

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In addition to large investment funds, smaller private funds and private investors invest capital in our investments.


We approach each implemented project individually and methodically, we try to recognize all possible scenarios of project development and follow the most optimal solution. There are a number of principles that guide us when planning and implementing an investment project. In the diagram below, we present the general action plan adopted by our company, ensuring the optimization of all processes related to the development investment.

  • Analysis of investment opportunities

    Before deciding to implement the investment, we perform full due diligence of a given property, including verification of the legal status, analysis of local plans, location and other specific features of a given facility. At the same time, we analyze the current forecasted situation on the real estate market on an ongoing basis. On the basis of the collected information, we make appropriate assumptions, make calculations, assess the risk, as a result of which we receive an investment project, which we then present to our Investors

  • Acquiring equity

    After examining the project, financial model and forecasted rates of return, investors decide to become Partners inthe undertaking. The equity thus obtained is a fixed part of the sum of all costs associated with the investment.

  • Obtaining external financing

    Having the appropriate level of equity, we apply for an investment loan to cover the remaining part of the costs. The green light from the bank means for us the moment of commencement of construction works.

  • Management of the investment process

    Mermaid Capital as a partner in the venture handles investments from the business side. Our activity includes,, coordination of the work of contractors, subcontractors, architects, selection of design solutions, dealing with formalities, investor supervision. Throughout the process, we maintain close cooperation with Investors and external financing institutions. We report on an ongoing basis on the progress of work and all other issues related to the investment.

  • Rental and sale of the facility

    After putting the building into use, we manage it until the available space is fully rented. The investment ends when the facility is handed over to the new owner and settled with the Investors. In the case of a residential investment, the moment of completion of the investment is assumed to be the sale of 100% of the built apartments.

  • Success – project completed